May 15, 2014

there's no place like home

I spent last week in New York City with my mom. It was a much-needed vacation for both of us, and basically served to remind me just how much I miss New York.

I turned 29 this month. Twenty-nine. And although friends and co-workers insist that I don't look a day over 21, I go to bed worrying about my age.

I'm almost 30 and my life isn't what I want it to be. I have so many goals that I want to achieve and it feels like the list just keeps getting longer as time passes.

I know where I want to be; I'm just not sure how to get there.

But, after spending the week in New York, I feel like I'm getting warmer.

1 comment:

  1. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Happy belated birthday, Jaime!
    Oh how I wish I could be 29 all over again! I will be turning 40 in a few short weeks; and I, too, don't know how to feel about it. For me, it's all about how YOU feel inside . . . your spirit . . . not the number :0) A number is just a number.
    Anyway, I had to tell you that your photography is incredible!
    I'm looking forward to following your adventures (and photos!!).
    Have a great Thursday,


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