May 2, 2014

bringing baby home

Maple came home this morning after spending the night in the hospital. She underwent spay surgery, something that is typically done at a very young age. But because her previous owner was neglectful, it was never taken care of.

We spent all of yesterday worrying about possible complications with the surgery, but the doctor told us she was the perfect patient. The old girl is now back home and sandwiched between two pillows on the couch, snoozing away.

She'll be on pain medication for the next 10 days and will have to wear the Cone of Shame while we're out of the house, but all things considered, we're happy with how everything panned out.

Spaying is important beyond controlling the pet population - female dogs that aren't spayed are more likely to develop uterine or ovarian cancer. Plus, dogs with uteruses go into heat twice a year, which is uncomfortable for them.

It's sad to see her in pain, our dog who was healthy and happy just yesterday morning but who woke up in a cage with stitches in her stomach.

But I guess what's most important isn't that Maple suffered due to someone else's selfishness, or that we had to clean up someone else's mess, but that our dog is healthier having had this surgery.

In the end, Maple's wellness is all that really matters and we're so relieved that our baby is back home!

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