April 2, 2014


It's been a very busy couple of weeks at work, with the seasons changing and the whole store being remerchandised for spring. It's a physically demanding job, since all of our fixtures are made of solid steel, and I have to single handedly lift, drag, prop and climb with them up and down ladders.

I've been eating too many sweets and watching too much TV in an attempt to comfort myself after long, traumatizing shifts that manage to make my legs feel wobbly like Jell-O and my back feel stiff like cement at the same time.

I feel overextended and out of shape. My knees ache and I wake up feeling like my back is on fire.

The dry winter air has made my hair and nails brittle, and some mornings I'm too exhausted to even shower before work.

I don't feel like myself. I am worn out.

And I miss home (America).

Which is partly why I'm flying to Florida tomorrow. It'll be an extended weekend trip - Thursday thru Sunday - which is really too short to get the tan that I so desperately need, but hopefully long enough to begin to repair my soul.

It'll be my first time seeing the dogs in more than a year (which breaks my heart) and my first opportunity since I moved to visit my old stomping grounds. My holiday trip to New York, nice as it was, didn't give me the chance to visit a lot of my favorite places that I grew up with.

Much as I disliked living in Florida, I love the restaurants and grocery stores there. People are friendlier, food tastes better, prices are cheaper than here in Canada. And I won't even have to bring a coat.

At this time tomorrow, I'll be seated in a rocking chair on the front porch of a Cracker Barrel, listening to the buzzing of cicadas, the smell of fried catfish in the air.

Funny how something that was commonplace my whole life is now so romanticized in my head. I guess time will do that to you. Time and a severe case of homesickness.

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