April 28, 2014


We seem to be stuck in that in-between phase where you no longer need a winter coat but still can't go outside without a light jacket and possibly a scarf.

The wind is perpetually wild - rapping at the windows and blowing trash across the front yard. It always feels like it may rain at any moment so it's best to not venture too far without an umbrella and Wellies at the ready.

Every day is what Winnie-the-Pooh would describe as a Rather Blustery Day.

Today I noticed the first flowers of the season. Amidst the dead leaves and fallen pine needles covering our front yard, the pop of purple seemed like a breath of fresh air.

Although it's still too cold for my liking, Maple is enjoying the warmer weather. She loves running back and forth across the grassy backyard (and, presumably, not having to do her business on top of of an icy snow bank). In the evenings, she seeks out the last stream of dying sunlight coming through the living room window, and lays in it.

We took her for a haircut last week, and I'm sure the sun feels that much better on her skin now that she no longer looks like an overgrown muppet.



She cleans up nicely. 

Just in time for my mom's visit this week...!

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