March 10, 2014

keep moving

There's a theme throughout Angels In America, Tony Kushner's Pulitzer-winning two-part play about politics and AIDS during the 1980s -- keep moving. 

God has abandoned Heaven, disgusted by the corruption of government and humanity's cruelness. People are mistreating one another, abusing power and practically everyone's dying of AIDS. The only thing to do, according to the characters of the play, is to keep moving. There's no other option.

When I first read these two plays in college, I was dumbfounded by how something that revolved so deeply around religion, politics and gay culture could speak so personally to me. But the underlying theme - keep moving - made sense.

When Bobby and I first met, we immediately bonded over our desire to leave Florida. We both agreed that the heat was stifling, the bugs were monstrous and the landscape completely lacking.

Over the years we haven't always seen eye to eye on the specifics, like where we should move or what we would do once we got there, but one thing we've always shared is the desire to move forward. Keep moving.

We both crave simplicity and peace, to live a quiet life removed from the daily grind, a life that's full of good food, laughter, dogs and financial security.

But how do you get there when there's real life, with all its messiness and uncertainty, standing in the way?

We've begun searching the internet for old farmhouses in northern Ontario and we're also educating ourselves about the cost of purchasing land and building our own little cabin in the woods. In the last year we've moved to another country and purchased our first car together. We've weathered enough storms and are ready to take the next step and purchase a house together.

It won't happen this year but we're laying the groundwork, looking toward the future and figuring out what it will take to get there. We've got to keep moving. No one ever got anywhere by standing still.


  1. Every day the desire becomes stronger and stronger to move away from what everybody else is currently doing with their lives and go in the direction of the unknown and a path less travelled. I find it odd and disheartening that the road to a simpler life is made so challenging and weighted with obstacles imposed by others just to keep us in the day to day game. If other’s can do it, I see no reason why we can’t get the life we want.

    1. That's an interesting way of putting it - the road to a simpler life is weighted with obstacles. It's true... but I think we're getting closer each day.


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