March 22, 2014

enough already

I saw a local newscast the other day in which a reporter walked up and down the streets of Toronto asking people their feelings about the weather. Person after person echoed the same sentiment:

"When will it end?"

"We're sick of winter."

"Enough already!"

It was funny to watch so many people - young, old, man, woman - say the exact same thing, one after another. But that only makes it all the more heartbreaking that there's fresh snow on the ground this morning.

I'm sure it will melt by nightfall but I'm also sure that everyone else felt the same stomach drop of disappointment when they looked out their windows as I did today.

When will it end?

We're sick of winter.

Enough already!

1 comment:

  1. Same here, in upstate New York--the attitude and the weather. It is SO tedious!


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