February 7, 2014

story telling

I purchased an old Smith-Corona typewriter yesterday.

I found it at my favorite Salvation Army location on Dundas Street. It was waiting patiently on a shelf in the back of the store. I watched person after person walk past it without a second glance.

I felt obligated to give it a good home.

There was no price tag so I asked the saleslady how much it was. She was tickled that someone would want something so outdated. She ended up giving it to me for only $9.99, bless her heart.

I carried it upstairs and set it up on my new desk. Well, it's an antique library desk but it's a new purchase for us. I kind of love it. 

I feel like the typewriter and the desk have stories to tell...

...And hopefully they'll help me tell stories of my own.

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