February 14, 2014


I never imagined that winter could make people as sluggish as Bobby and I have been lately. Maybe it's the heated blanket on the couch and the thick socks on our feet, but I find myself getting lazier and lazier as winter drags on. I'd rather hibernate in the warmth of the living room then do just about anything else it seems. 

We haven't done any work to the house in weeks and, even though I didn't really want to exert myself beyond hitting the 'popcorn' button on the microwave and turning on another episode of Portlandia, I figured I should at least finish unpacking our boxes last weekend. 

I cleared the kitchen island off so it's usable, and quickly decorated the bookcase that's been left to die in the back corner of the kitchen. 

This isn't how we're leaving things but at least everything's off the floor and out of boxes for now. 



Maple seems to like it.

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