January 17, 2014

little by little

It's been a blah week, with downsizing at work and day after day of freezing cold. But we've stayed productive by touching up the house little by little. Maple's been busy sleeping on her heated blanket like it's her job.

As planned, Bobby and I spent Sunday running around. We picked out an antique hutch for the living room and a few rugs at IKEA. Our last stop was Lowe's, where we purchased paint for the upstairs. We went in looking for taupe and walked out with something called Bittersweet, which is darker than what we were planning, but we both agreed it looked homey. 

We haven't started painting yet so I'm a bit nervous to see how it'll look. (I have no patience for painting swatches on walls before purchasing. Forget that crap.) I think it'll be pretty dark, especially compared to the stark white walls we have now, but cozy and cabin-y which is our ultimate goal.

We picked up an Oriental-style rug for the kitchen at IKEA. It's a departure from the generic $15 kitchen rugs I usually buy at Target.

We have a desk being delivered tomorrow so I spent this afternoon organizing the office to make room for it. I finished the bookcase but there are a bunch of books and chachkes without homes. I'll arrange them another time.

More photos to come as we continue working.


  1. That's neat how you organize your books by color. Sorry things got out of hand the other day. That must be why they say to avoid religion and politics... but I do enjoy a good debate every now and then. Probably too much!
    Good luck decorating your new place.

  2. I love the way you write..

  3. Looks like good progress to me (although I had a hard time getting past the sweet dog picture at the start!)


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