January 10, 2014

life under construction

Bobby and I have been living in our new house for almost a month. I imagined we'd be further along in the unpacking/decorating process but now that we're both working full time, all we want to do when we get home is sink into the couch and watch Chopped with little Maple between us.

We have so many ideas on how we want to design the place but so far very few changes have been made. The ungodly polar vortex that swept through the north basically paralyzed us for a few days, plus we've both just been so busy/tired.

That will change this Sunday, since we both have off from work and are planning on buying paint for the upstairs and picking out some antique furniture at The Barn.

But before that happens, here are some "before" snapshots of our home in its current state which I have decided to call "under construction." It isn't much just yet but it's cozy and it's ours, and at this stage of my life that's really as good as it gets.

This is the office/computer room. It's unfinished and bit of a dumping ground for random boxes with no home, but I like it. 

That chair is one of my favorite things in the house. I picked it up while antiquing in New York last month.

I recently purchased an old library desk (to be delivered next week) to go with it. I associate the chair with my parents, since they were with me when I bought it, and that makes it special.

The office window pushes out, which I love, and offers a view of our garage roof and the street we live on, both of which are currently snow-covered and so pretty.

The office also houses Bobby's closet, since the one in the master bedroom is too small for us to share and he graciously let me have it.

The bedroom is adjacent to the office. There isn't much to look at just yet. Except for Maple of course.

In the absence of a proper side table, I've been using an old chair that I reupholstered.

Downstairs, the kitchen is our biggest project. It's a long room with space in the back for a dining table, although we decided not to put one there since all of our dining happens in the living room. We have a ton of plans for this space but for right now we've done just enough to make it functional. (Yes, our tree is still up. Don't judge.)

The living room is where we spend most of our time. I was able to dedicate some time to arranging one small bookcase behind the couch but still have to figure out where our other 600 books are going. They're all laying on the floor or are spilling out of Rubbermaid containers in the corner of the room. 

Overall, the house is sparse but homey. I stand at the office window and watch children chase down their school bus early in the morning. I imagine how much fun it'll be to decorate the house for Halloween and have trick-or-treaters on our doorstep for the first time.

Renting this house was one of the best decisions Bobby and I have made together and it makes me that much more excited for the day when we can purchase one of our very own!


  1. Congratulations on moving into a new home! I moved into a new home recently too, and it's been really fun decorating. Your place looks beautiful. You have really cute furniture too! I really like the chair that you picked out with your parents. I can't wait to see what the place looks like when you're done. PS: That's a LOT of books :)

  2. Takes a lot of time to get things as you want them! God luck! Looks like you have great bones to work with!


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