January 22, 2014

happier things

There is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. After learning that my position at work was eliminated by the Corporate Powers That Be and waiting for my fate to be decided by people who I don't know/don't know me, I received word today that they decided to nix their plan to downsize and I can keep my title/pay/sanity after all. 

It was a stressful week, as I did the math and realized what having my hours and benefits cut would mean for Bobby and me. (Hint: It meant nothing good.)

I guess no economy is perfect and downsizing can happen in Canada just as easily as it happens in America. Hmm.

But now that that's behind me, I can move forward and focus on happier things.

Like my little eskimo pie.

(It doesn't look like it here but she really does like wearing her parka. It's just the snow & ice that she's not fond of.)

Or the antique hutch that we had delivered on Saturday. I can't wait to fill it with my vintage platters and gravy boats.

Or the fact that I have tomorrow off. I'd like to see if I can pull off getting a haircut, painting my nails and spending some quality time with Maple. After the week I had, I think I'm due for a little r&r.

1 comment:

  1. That's good news about your job! And, yes, R&R sounds important. Bundle up and take the little dog for a long walk!


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