December 26, 2013

christmas respice

It's been a whirlwind holiday season. I've come to the conclusion that moving while you're a) still in management training at a new job, and b) preparing for your first full winter in Canada, is nothing short of crazy.

Keeping with the insanity theme, we bought a Christmas tree two days before Christmas (and one day after a major ice storm). The branches were still frozen when we erected it in a corner of the living room. Once it was fully thawed on Christmas Eve, I took to making garland out of cardstock and twine, and we decorated the tree in record time.

Christmas Day was a true holiday for me. No packing/unpacking boxes, no unruly retail customers, no office politics. Just our little family gathered on the couch, watching the snow fall on our backyard.

It was a Christmas of practical gifts. Bobby got power tools and a proper winter jacket, and I got a foot massager and heated slippers (retail is hard on the paws).

After we opened presents, we had leftover tourtière for lunch and lazed around in our pajamas until 4:30.

After cooking traditional stuffed birds/mashed potatoes/green beans/etc for Canadian and American Thanksgiving, Bobby and I decided to go simple for Christmas dinner. We made spaghetti with a homemade bechamel sauce and watched a Sandra Bullock movie. 

It was relaxed, quiet and exactly what our little family needed. Merry Christmas everyone!

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