December 12, 2013

baby steps

Remember that rental house Bobby and I signed a lease for last month? Well, we're finally getting around to moving our things in.

Although we technically took possession of it two weeks ago, since we were out of the country we didn't really get in there until this past Sunday.

In the four days since then, we've painted the living room,

kissed The Hideous Red Corner goodbye,

installed a stained-glass decal over a window near the front door,

and moved most of my Etsy items into the basement. I'm especially excited about putting this room together with shelves to display my antiques, a desk and a shipping station to process orders.

We have movers booked for next week, leaving us a few short days to buy a tree, find our stockings and celebrate the holiday among boxes.

This promises to be a very pilgrim Christmas.


  1. How exciting for you! I'm jealous of your room in the basement for all your stuff. I need a room for stuff.

  2. Well done you two... that's awesome. Glad to hear everything is coming together.

  3. Congratulations! Your house looks fabulous -- all the best to you.

    So exciting to be in a new house for Christmas

  4. It certainly looks wonderful!! Congrats!


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