November 29, 2013

the simple life

I like to read farm blogs. That's right - blogs about farms. This may seem a bit out of the ordinary since I'm generally a city girl, but there's something about the quaintness and calmness of farm life that charms me.

I follow 4 or 5 blogs, none of which are about the typical things blogs are about - food, fashion or home decor. They're not glossy or editorialized; they're written by everyday people in places like Montana and North Dakota, about curious things like harvesting corn and how to cure a horse of seasonal hives. 

It's nothing that I can relate to or that is relevant to my life, but after a difficult day at my stressful retail job, it's nice to know I can escape to a far corner of the American West, to a simpler lifestyle than I've ever know, just by opening my laptop. 

I guess what it boils down to is that, although I've never wanted to live on a farm per se, sometimes it's nice to feel far away from where I am. I suppose that's what a fantasy is. And nothing could be farther from my own life then being out on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, shearing sheep or sandblasting the paint off an old barn.

Sometimes I wonder if a simple, rustic life is what I subconsciously want. After all, one doesn't move to Canada for glitz and glamour. 

Perhaps there's a deep, dark, suppressed part of me that wants to live a more rural life, isolated from neighbors, traffic and the stresses of an overly commercial society. 

Or maybe I've just had a bad week at work. 


Then again, maybe not.

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