November 7, 2013

phantom photos

I take a lot of photos.

I post bits here and there on this blog but most of them don't ever see the light of day. For every 10 photos I take, I'd say a good 9 are shelved for various reasons.

Sometimes the view in front of me doesn't translate through the camera's lens. Certain things just aren't done justice by a camera and are best experienced in person.

Other times, the visual integrity of photos don't turn out like I hoped they would, whether they're too grainy, blurry or dark. Or if I have an uncooperative subject.

I also have folder upon folder of random photos that have no real story. I take them because I see something I like or want to remember but they don't warrant their own blog post. They're just snapshots of a particular moment.

But I still keep all of these photos on my computer so I can browse through them on nights when I'm bored. They're nice reminders of certain days, special trips and moments in time that would otherwise go unnoticed.

1 comment:

  1. Nice post... I can relate, I post very few if any these days and yet I have thousands.



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