November 9, 2013

new house

A few months ago I wrote about my hopes and dreams for the next home that Bobby and I move into. We had a laundry list of more than a dozen must-have attributes that we couldn't compromise on.

We worried we were being too picky but stuck to our guns and had faith that the right place would come along.

Well, after three long weeks of late night property viewings (throughout which I fought a nasty case of laryngitis and basically wanted to die), Bobby and I signed a 2-year lease on a house this afternoon. It's a detached 3-bedroom, 2.5 bath home on a corner lot with a brand new kitchen, a fenced-in backyard and a finished basement.

It had a warm, welcoming feel as soon as we walked in.

We specifically requested such a long lease because we're invested in settling down and building a home together. We've each spent our entire adult lives on the move and are just looking for somewhere we can breathe for a little while.

It was important to us that we celebrate Christmas in the new house so we struck a deal to take possession in three weeks (!!!) so even though we'll still have our loft until January 1st, we'll gradually move boxes into the new house and hopefully spend our first night there in mid-December.

Even though I had faith that we'd find the right place that didn't force us to compromise, I'm a little surprised that we were able to do it in just a few weeks, given Bobby's insane work/travel schedule, my starting a new job, my laryngitis and Maple going into heat.

It's been a crazy, busy, stressful month.

But, when we took turns signing the lease in our new kitchen, it all became totally worth it.

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