November 20, 2013

ice cream for dinner

The fridge is stocked full of yummy things to cook for dinner like pork roast and fresh broccoli, but I've just been too tired after my long days at work to do anything but eat caramel toffee crunch ice cream straight from the container. 

(For the record, yes, that dark stuff pooled at the bottom of the container is hot fudge. Once I started pouring it on, I couldn't stop. It was like chocolate therapy.)

The silver lining around this particularly difficult week is that my handmade soy candles were featured on the front page of Etsy four times. I do well with these candles at craft shows but they're a tough sell online since people want to smell them before purchasing. 

Thanks to the many Etsy features, I made a handful of online sales for custom orders. 

This is especially uplifting after a slow year for my vintage shop on Etsy. This surprise infusion of money will allow us to have a nice Christmas together in our new home. For this I am very grateful.

It's also heartwarming to know that many of these candles were purchased as holiday gifts, so there will be people across Canada and the U.S. who will smile when they unwrap and smell them on Christmas morning. That makes the late nights in front of the stove totally worth it.

And now, my good friends Ben and Jerry request my presence in the kitchen. Very important business meeting. 

Don't judge me.

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