October 1, 2013

vet visit

Today Maple went in for her yearly shots and a nail trim. An emergency came in right before us so our appointment was delayed 30 minutes. 

While we sat in the waiting room, one of the receptionists brought out a kitten named Bosco that the hospital was trying to adopt out. They handed him to Bobby who cradled him for the entire half hour. (If it wasn't for my severe allergy to cats, I'm fairly certain we would've come home with a new member of the family).

When they were finally ready for us, the doctor gave Maple a thorough exam. We asked about a hundred questions, like what happens when a dog goes into heat, how long we should let Maple's coat grow and what's involved in crossing the border with her in tow. She patiently answered all our questions before preparing the vaccinations. 

When it came time for the shots, Maple freaked out and flung herself off the table, kamikaze style. Luckily Bobby caught her before she hit the floor but she did hit the exam table's support bar on the way down. 

I stood, horrified, as I watched it happen in slow motion, but after we saw she was okay we all had a good laugh. Maple's kind of a schmuck sometimes.

On the way out we were informed that we wouldn't be charged for the nail trim because of how long we had to wait. I'm thinking they just pitied us for having a batcrap crazy dog.

Just another day in the life of Maple, our 10-pound bundle of nerves joy.

1 comment:

  1. Oh ow. Her had a hard day in vet-land and now her just wants to lay hers self down on a soft blankie and be a Maple-staple Staple-maple. Her does. Maaa-ple!
    (haha... ;j xx)


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