October 17, 2013

first thanksgiving

My first Canadian Thanksgiving was this past Monday. It was a low-key affair between Bobby, his mother and myself. And Maple - can't forget about the little turkey monster.

Nancy took the train from Montreal a few days before the holiday and stayed with us over the long weekend. It was her first Thanksgiving in over 50 years without her husband, so although we were all happy to be together, there was a somberness that couldn't be shaken. 

Maple brought us some levity. She was in prime begging mode all day, particularly when Nancy was dressing the turkey.

Being as we don't have a dining room (and, subsequently, a proper dining table) we dragged the patio table into the living room and covered it with a tablecloth and a few candles to spruce it up. 

We had the usual Thanksgiving fare - turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and biscuits with plenty of gravy and cranberry sauce - and watched Dancing With the Stars while we ate

There were solemn moments but there were also a few good laughs. After the year we've each had, I don't think it was lost on any of us how important it was to be together as a family, safe and well.

That is what I'm thankful for this year.


  1. Wonderful article; I really enjoyed reading about your family and of course Maple!

  2. Super! Thank you so much for sharing Jamie. Wishing you all the best with your new job.

  3. What a lovely photo story of your first Thanksgiving with your husband and his mom. It was wonderful that you could be with her for a day that must have been bitter-sweet for her as her life moves on in this new and different way. She is lucky to have the love and care of you and her son.

  4. Your holiday seems lovely, considering! You have the right attitude about being together especially during tough times. Happy Canada Thanksgiving!

  5. seems like you had an excellent holiday! Hope you are enjoying!

  6. So glad your MIL could be with you guys during what undoubtedly would have been a tough few days for her without the comfort of family, good food, and a little silliness (a/k/a Maple lol). Love your place settings and serveware, esp. the duck napkin rings. :)
    xx ;j

  7. Forget the turkey, I could just gobble Maple right up! What a sweetie!!!
    Looks like you had a wonderful 1st Thanksgiving in Canada!!!

  8. Best cranberry sauce EVER! I'm glad you and Maple enjoyed your 1st Canadian Thanksgiving:)


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