October 3, 2013

first day

Today's my first day of work in a whole year. I'm feeling nervous about who I'll be working with and whether I'll like it or not.

The job isn't in my desired field and doesn't utilize my college degree at all. But money is tight and we need a second income. I'll continue to look for another job but for now this will have to do.

The hours vary from week to week so my days of hanging out with Maple from morning 'til night are over. For the last four months, since the day we got her, I have been something of a homemaker and that included taking care of her.

I decided to take her for a nice, long walk this afternoon, before I had to get ready for my first night shift. Thankfully it's just a 5 hour orientation so I won't be away too long, and Bobby will be getting home around the time I'm leaving.

But still, I wanted to take one more stroll with her down her favorite walking path.

I'm excited to meet new people and hopefully make some friends at my job, but my heart is heavy at the thought of my routine with Maple changing.

Watching this little dog's spirit blossom has been the highlight of my time in Canada so far. I'm glad she'll be there to greet me when I come home tonight.

1 comment:

  1. No dog or any other animal couldn't have had a better person than you Jaime to bring them out of their shell and into a home where she is unconditionally loved. Maple endured a hard 7 years before she came to us and her adjustment to a better work is much to your credit baby. She is now well adjusted and completely comfortable with her new and happy life that is full of belly rubs, kisses and hugs.
    No matter what time you get home and no matter how challenged of a day you will have, Maple will be there to give you love and make us laugh. We may have struggled with money over this past year moving to a new country and all, but it’s the little things like giving Maple a new lease on life that has made it all worth it. Thank you for being the greatest Dog Mom that ever was.


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