October 4, 2013

converted barn

When I couldn't make it to my cousin's wedding this summer due to immigration woes, my mom and I hatched a scheme to get the family together later in the year, once I could freely travel across the border.

We decided that my parents, Bobby and I will meet up in New York the week after Thanksgiving and split our time between Manhattan and Long Island. Hanukkah happens to fall during that week (unusually early this year!) and so does the Rockefeller Center tree lighting, which my mom really wants to see.

The timing is perfect and I think we all are desperately in need of a vacation.

Our biggest obstacle so far has been finding proper lodging, since I'm phobic about hotels and Bobby wants to stay in a B&B or some sort of colonial inn on Long Island.

After much trial and error, and learning just how expensive B&Bs on Long Island are, we finally decided on a converted barn in Bellport.

This place looks amazing. It's 3-bedrooms/3-baths spread across a barn that's been transformed into a living space with an attached cottage.

I'm so excited not only to see much of my family for the first time in more than a year, but to stay in such a lovely place.

Now for the really fun part: choosing a Broadway show, museums and activities!


  1. OK... that sounds fantastic... but one important point you did NOT mention... what about Maple? I'm going to make the safe assumption that she'll be staying with Uncle Bill & Dolce?

    1. We're not sure if we'll be asking Uncle Bill or if we're taking her with us. The owners of the barn told us little dogs are welcome, we just need to find a good doggie daycare on Long Island for the days we go into NYC.

  2. The place does looks amazing! I like how cozy the kitchen looks.


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