October 19, 2013

boo humbug

Confession time: I don't really like Halloween.

I dig the candy angle. Who could say no to bite-sized Mr. Goodbars? Crazy people, that's who.

And those green apple lollipops dipped in caramel sauce? Yup.

But I'm not really a fan of haunted houses, scary movies or potential rapists running around in masks. So, candy aside, this holiday really just doesn't do it for me.

Still, I feel the need to decorate at least a little bit for each holiday, even if I've had the same two Halloween decorations for the past five years - ghost garland from Michaels and a stuffed witch dog from Hallmark. This year I decided to throw a couple small pumpkins into the mix too. Crazy, I know!

My mom mailed me a cute card and a bag of Brach's candy corn last week so that should be good enough to hold me over until next year.

I suppose the best part about Halloween is that once it ends, the official holiday season begins.

I'm so looking forward to Christmas. There's presents. And pine trees. And advent calendars. And Julie Andrews singing about whiskers on kittens.

And there's bite-sized Mr. Goodbars wrapped in gold foil. Halloween candy is great but you just can't beat Christmas candy.

Okay, it's official - I'm ready for Christmas. But we have to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first.

Boo humbug.


  1. Fun post! I'm in total agreement about Halloween--if it wasn't for the candy, I'd ignore it altogether!

  2. First year when I moved from Russia to Florida my youngest son and I went to Halloween House .... we was escorted in the back because we was tariffed and cried unstoppably. Nightmares since that time:(
    My husband always said I'm a "drama...mama" but seriously I just don't like anything spooky! I love your post and especially a staircase decor! COOL!


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