September 18, 2013

vintage show

I rented a booth at a vintage show in Toronto on Sunday, sharing the 10x10 space with a friend. It turned out to be a really great experience.

Not only did I succeed in getting rid of a couple of boxes of items I'd been holding onto all year, but I got to meet so many cool people. The residents of the Leslieville neighborhood are hands-down the friendliest people I've met in Canada so far.

It was difficult getting setup with Maple there; she refused to stay on her blanket under the table so she alternated between sleeping in my arms and sleeping on a chair I was trying to sell. 

I thought it was important to bring her out to socialize. 

But she wasn't feeling all that social.

All in all I'm really happy with the experience and am very much looking forward to next month's show, should my in-the-air schedule allow me to attend.

I drove home in the rain, utterly exhausted and ready for an evening of soaking my toesies in my foot spa and eating a chocolate bar.

But I noticed something on the balcony. My first thought was that it was an injured bird, but then I thought, "No, that's crazy, it must be some trash that blew here in the wind."

Turns out it was a little bird but he wasn't just injured; he had passed away. His poor little body was laying there in the drizzle, his feathers collecting raindrops.

It was so sad.

I was afraid to move him in case he was still alive/in the process of dying so I left him out there for a couple of hours hoping he'd come to and fly away.

But he didn't.

I searched for the most civilized thing to put him in before deciding on a paper bag from Whole Foods. I circled him a few times trying to gather the courage to pick him up. I wrapped two plastic baggies and a paper towel around my hand (can't be too safe... remember the avian flu epidemic?) and in a fit of shrieks and squeals, scooted him into the paper bag.

I was surprised by how light he was - he felt like he didn't weigh more than a few ounces. That made me feel even sadder for some reason. I walked him to the trash chute in the hall, said goodbye and that I was sorry he had to die and dropped the bag down the hole.

 Poor little guy.

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