September 3, 2013

suitcase dog & a recipe: basil & goat cheese quiche

Bobby drove to Montreal yesterday to be with his mom and brother in the wake of his father's passing. I wanted to go but we didn't have anyone to watch Maple for the week and we weren't sure if bringing her was the best idea, given the circumstances. 

Naturally, she staged a protest in Bobby's suitcase. 

But she eventually forgot what she was fighting for and dozed off.

I sent Bobby off with a bottle of Tylenol, half a quiche and a big hug.

Maple and I will be holding down the fort until he comes back on Saturday. Until then I have The Paris Wife to read and a pile of mini chocolate croissant things to get through.

The recipe for my basil and goat cheese quiche can be found on my food blog, A Hungry Pilgrim.

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