September 26, 2013


I feel down today. There's no reason why. Sometimes you just wake up feeling hhmph.

Maple seems to be feeling it too. She's been moping around all day. Maybe she's projecting her sadness onto me. That's right - the dog's to blame.

I decided that the only way for me to feel better was to make Toll House cookies. I always make sure I have all the necessary ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies or fudge brownies at any given moment. You never know when the mean reds might strike.

Bobby's mom is coming to visit us in a couple of weeks for Canadian Thanksgiving. This will be her first time traveling to us since we moved to Canada so we're working together to spruce up the apartment and tie together some loose ends that have been hanging since we moved in.

We're just now getting around to hanging artwork and installing under-cabinet lighting which has been sitting in its original package on a shelf in the kitchen for the past four months.

Better late than never?

We went to IKEA the other day and looked at some things we've been talking about buying all year, like this shoe cabinet for our foyer:

But with only three months left on our lease, we agreed that it doesn't make much sense to buy something new that may not fit in our next home.

We did end up getting some fancy ass drinking glasses that make us feel much more grown up than we really are, a roasting pan and various kitchen gadgets.

I must say, I'm in love with my new veggie peeler. The blade is so sharp and it gives such a smooth peel that I danced a jig while peeling a zucchini today. It really is the small stuff that makes me happy.

Tonight I'm going to pull our Halloween decorations out of storage (aka a giant Tupperware container on the patio). Then I have to drive downtown to pick up something I left at a friend's house. Then I'm coming home to eat more cookies watch TV and relax with my little family.

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