September 29, 2013


Bobby and I recently spent an afternoon in Etobicoke, a neighborhood just west of Toronto that we're considering moving to this winter.

It's an older neighborhood, originally settled in the late 1700s by Europeans whose presence is still felt there.

The neighborhood is a good compromise between city and suburban life. There are some beautiful tudor houses and tree-lined streets decorated with picture-perfect families walking their chocolate labs.

But there are also plenty of restaurants, boutiques and gritty brick buildings lining the main drag of Lakeshore Boulevard. And it's only a 10-minute subway ride to downtown Toronto. Best of both worlds.

We had lunch at a sandwich shop, then drove up and down Lakeshore like a couple of undercover cops, checking out the locals and sizing up the neighborhood.

We meandered down some beautiful, hilly side streets along the waterfront and tried to imagine what it'd be like to live there. (I would've taken photos of all this loveliness but I didn't feel right photographing other peoples' homes.)

We passed a house with a pumpkin perched on the front porch steps. Yellow leaves flitted off the trees in the breeze.

I thought about how sweet it would be to live in a neighborhood where children line up for Halloween candy at your door. That doesn't happen in high rise apartment buildings.

I'm not sure if it'll be in Etobicoke, Mimico, north, south, east or west Toronto...  but I feel like we're getting closer to finding whatever it is we're looking for.

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