September 13, 2013

adieu to summer

After a few suddenly hot and muggy days, Mississauga woke up to a windy 50 degrees this morning. It's grey and cloudy, just like I remember autumn on Long Island. Acorns are falling from trees and I spied my neighbor heading outside with her winter coat on. 

My first summer in Canada has drawn to a close. It was a difficult period of my life as I sat on my hands, feeling helpless and hopeless about my immigration status. Money was tighter than ever and tempers sometimes got the better of us... but I choose to believe that there is always some good in the midst of hard times. 

And so, as I bid a hasty adieu to summer, I will still fondly file away a handful of happy memories:

the fields of wildflowers,

evening barbecues,

Maple bounding down the hiking trail with Bobby. 

Here's to a happy and peaceful autumn.

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