August 11, 2013

veal parm, poutine and steak, oh my!

Bobby and I had been craving Italian all week, so we planned an evening of drinks and tapas at a little Italian bistro in downtown Toronto for Saturday night.

But at around 4 p.m., when faced with the decision of driving downtown for what would surely be an overpriced meal (that would require us to put on big boy & big girl clothes), or checking out the Italian festival happening right across the street (in our jeans & sneakers), the choice was easy.

And so we wandered over to Celebration Square for *the first time ever* despite it being only a 30-second walk from our building's front door (yeah, we've been that lazy). 

It was really lovely. Celebration Square is quite literally the city square, a meeting space for locals to meet, eat and cool their heels in a giant fountain/wading pool in the summer months (which turns into an ice skating rink in the winter. How cool is that?).

There's a stage for bands to play, an amphitheatre for movies under the stars and dozens of local vendors selling goods under pop-up tents. City Hall and a public library are located within the Square, and there's even a little garden tucked away in the far corner which reminded me of Dorothy's first steps into the Land of Oz.

After walking around for about 30 minutes, Bobby and I got down to business. We came here with empty stomachs for a reason. We split up, jumping from food truck to food truck and eventually met up on the steps of the fountain for the Big Italian Dinner we'd been waiting for all week. For only $20 we shared a steak sub, veal parm on a bun and poutine. Beat that, downtown Toronto. (Note: I know poutine isn't at all Italian but this is Canada. There's no escaping it.)

The sun set over Mississauga while we listened to ballad after emotional Italian love ballad play over the sound system (I'm guessing Kayne and Kesha haven't made their way to Italy's radio waves yet).

We hung out for a couple of hours, snapping photos and watching the kids play in the fountain, before making the 30-yard trek back home. Then we settled in for the night with Maple in our laps, House Hunters on the TV and happily stuffed bellies.

{Some more of our shots from ItalFest}:


  1. It all looks and sounds great--but you had me at poutine!

    1. It wasn't traditional with cheese curds but it was still so good. :)


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