August 1, 2013

canadian quirk #7: bloody caesar

Despite it sounding more like a Shakespearean tragedy than a cocktail, the Bloody Caesar is Canada's most popular mixed drink. It's basically a Bloody Mary with - wait for it - clam juice. It contains vodka, hot sauce, worcestershire sauce and Clamato, which is a unique mix of tomato and clam juices. My fellow Americans, if you're gagging, you are not alone.
The drink was invented in Calgary in the 60s and is mainly consumed only within this one country. Neither I nor anyone I know had ever heard of it until I moved to Canada. It's become something of a cultural icon though, with Mott's (yes, the apple juice company) touting it as "Canada's Cocktail" on their Clamato commercials.

Thankfully I have a shellfish allergy that prevents me from drinking one, though, even if I didn't, you'd basically have to dare pay me to try it.

I succumbed to the deliciousness that is the butter tart, but this is one Canadian concoction that I will leave for the natives to enjoy.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are that of an American expat living in Canada. These are merely observations and commentary based on my experiences living in both countries. 

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