August 24, 2013

almost autumn

The weather heated back up to the 80s this past week after about 8 or 9 days of crisp 60-degree mornings. It's been disappointing since autumn is my favorite season and I was hoping it was here early. I guess it's too much to ask for a quick 3-month summer but, hey, a girl can dream.

The locals seem reluctant to let the warm weather go but after 22 years in the sweltering jungle of southern Florida, I'm totally out of the summer-loving loop. Bring on the berets and boots - I'm ready for autumn.

So imagine my joy when I went food shopping at Loblaw's this morning and saw their seasonal section decked out with fall decor! The barbecue tools were marked down to 50% off and shoved in the corner, and in their place were apple peelers, pie plates, red and burgundy oven mitts and wreaths of dried berries and goldenrod.

There were even turkey thermometers for Thanksgiving on display. (Though I have to keep reminding myself that Canadian Thanksgiving is in October and not November... so strange!)

So even though the weather has warmed back up, it seems autumn is definitely around the corner. To celebrate the coming of the season I purchased one of the sweet bean bag pheasants pictured above and placed him on our foyer table to greet us when we come home.

I figure that maybe if we pretend it's autumn, it'll come sooner. So now we need a bowl of cinnamon pine cones on the coffee table, an apple pie in the oven and we should be good to go.

And while we're waiting, we may as well eat that pie. You can't waste apple pie.

You just can't.


  1. The pheasant is sooo cute! Just came from Michael's where the Halloween decor is overflowing. But it's 90 degrees, humid and raining so I'm not in the autumn mood yet.
    Have a piece of pie for me- warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream please!

    1. Just think about Thanksgiving! It'll be nice and cold in New York then. :-D


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