July 11, 2013

fresh air & a recipe: loaded purple potato salad w/ a sour cream dressing

When my friend Melissa invited me to barbeque on her downtown rooftop patio, I only had to think for about half a second before accepting. Who could say no to this?!

Melissa's awesome deck with a view of downtown Toronto. More photos can be found on her lifestyle blog, The Sweet Escape.

Like any good houseguest I came equipped with a bottle of wine and a side dish - homemade potato salad. I took a chance with the latter since, oddly enough, I'd never eaten potato salad before. This may seem crazy, especially considering I grew up in the southern United States where this dish was at pretty much every barbecue I'd ever attended. But the gloopy, mayo-heavy consistency always turned me off.

That's why I decided to try my hand at making a more gourmet version that looks and tastes lighter. I started with purple potatoes (I just love their rich color), whipped up a buttermilk and sour cream dressing, and threw in a few pieces of bacon for good measure.

Paired with Melissa's delicious rosemary-garlic chicken and roasted brussel sprouts, our al fresco dinner was a success. Good food + good friends = great memories.




  1. Oh this potato salad looks so good! I'm definitely making this because unlike you, I've tried MANY potato salads and am always looking for a twist!

    Sounds like you and your friend had a perfect night!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Melissa! It really was yummy. Bacon makes everything better. :)


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