July 17, 2013

fun in the sun & a recipe: sparkling blackberry lemonade

If there's one thing I've learned about Ontario weather, it's to grab hold of every opportunity you get to soak in the sun because - and I hope this doesn't sound too ominous - you never know when it may be your last. 

Unlike Florida, where it downpours at exactly 3 p.m. every afternoon during hurricane season, you never know when the ominous rain clouds of summer are going to roll over Ontario. So when you see the sun, you learn to enjoy it!

After storming every day for about a week, the sun finally came out long enough yesterday for me to enjoy our newly decorated patio. Maple and I kicked up our feet and paws, and caught a few rays. 

Maple looked to the sky and said, "Please don't rain today."

I turned my iPod to my Dave Matthews playlist and enjoyed a glass of ice cold blackberry lemonade that I'd made earlier in the morning. It was a lovely summer afternoon... Now if only we could have more of them!

Below is my recipe for blackberry lemonade. You can use this as a base recipe for pretty much any kind of fruit (I've also made this as peach and raspberry lemonade). 


  1. Let me guess, I was in NYC braving the heat and dodging traffice during the creation of this mouth watering treat?

    1. You were enjoying the best bagels in the world and I wasn't. I had to do something to lift my spirits.

    2. Buttered sweet roll and a street coffee to be exact


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