July 23, 2013

local love: toronto's distillery district

While the rest of Mississauga was busy consuming large quantities of pit barbecue at the rib festival directly across the street from our building, Bobby and I decided to quietly slip out of town and into the city.

We spent a lazy Sunday strolling the streets of Toronto's Distillery District, an industrial-chic neighborhood of heritage buildings surrounding the now-defunct Gooderham and Worts Distillery. Dozens upon dozens of cafes, boutiques and art galleries set up shop along the cobblestone streets. And, since the streets are pedestrian-only (there are parking lots/a garage along the perimeter of the precinct), there's an intimate, communal feel to the place.


It was Maple's first outing in the big city and she adapted very quickly to the large amounts of people. She enjoyed sitting at the patio table with us at Balzac's Coffee. And she certainly didn't mind being carried every now and again when the cobblestone was too much for her little paws.


We were blessed with 75-degree weather on this lovely July afternoon. Such a peaceful family outing that helped solidify our plan to move out of Mississauga and into Toronto next year.


  1. Love the pics! Love the distillery district. Next time, grab a bite at Boiler House!

    1. We're making a list of places to hit next time when we don't have the dog. Boiler House is now officially on it. And another friend suggested Soma Chocolatemaker. Our anniversary is next month so these two places may be where we celebrate. Thanks!


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