July 16, 2013

ditching mcdonalds & a recipe: blueberry banana bran muffins

Since moving to Canada, Bobby and I have both packed a few pounds onto the ol' bellies. I blame this on the abundance of delicious take-out food, particularly Indian with its creamy curry sauces, as well as that reliable American comfort food, the Big Mac. 

But it's not just lunch & dinner - Bobby's go-to breakfast is two slices of Wonder Bread slathered with peanut butter and mine is any one of the five ridiculously sugary cereals that currently reside in our pantry.

So, when we were food shopping for the week on Sunday, I picked up a package of Quaker bran muffin mix with the intent to start our days off right. No more Lucky Charms, even if they are magically delicious.

The bran mix has a base of wheat flour and wheat bran, the perfect blank canvas for you to add different flavors and textures to. I opted for fresh blueberries, a forgotten-about banana that was dying a slow death in our fruit bowl, and a homemade crumb topping. The muffins turned out crazy moist, perfectly sweet (but not too sweet) and healthier than what you'd get at Tim Horton's thanks to a couple tablespoons of Benefiber. 

I used a jumbo muffin tin so that we can feel fancy, like we're eating one of those remarkably large muffins from a bakery. Seriously, these muffins are bigger than my fist. It's like a weapon in Clue. Forget about the candlestick, it was Professor Plum in the library with the jumbo bran muffin.

With a cup of coffee, one of these babies helps keep us full & content until lunch so we don't let hunger drive us to those golden arches in the sky. McNuggets, I think I shall miss you most of all.

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