July 2, 2013

first canada day

Yesterday I took part in my first Canada Day (Canada's birthday, akin to the 4th of July).

We celebrated the same way a lot of others in our building did - by barbecuing in the courtyard then watching the firework show in the city square across the street. The food was delicious and it gave us the perfect opportunity to christen our newly decorated patio.

The fireworks show was nice. Thousands of people packed the barricaded street and the lawn directly in front of our building. Fireworks went off behind City Hall's clock tower for about 20 minutes. Children waved little Canadian flags and battled each other with glowing red lightsabers.

It was a sweet scene, but there was a distinct moment where I looked around and suddenly felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. Absent were the chants of "USA!"  There were no stars and stripes painted across little cheeks. I found myself in a sea of red and white, but no blue. It was surreal to think that I was probably the only person pining for America amidst a Canada Day celebration.

This isn't to discredit Canada or Canada Day. I'm a big fan of patriotic holidays and it warms my heart to see both children and adults take pride in their country. But regional holidays are reminders that I'm not in America anymore, and it's been more than six months since I've been home, so it's a bit of a mixed-emotion situation for me.

That said, I'm looking forward to celebrating more Canadian holidays. Now that the first big one is under my belt, I think/hope the rest should be emotionally easier. I'm already mentally preparing myself for Canadian Thanksgiving (and trying to process that it's an entire month early and on a Monday?!).

Below are some snaps of our little home celebration, happy memories of our first Canada Day as a family.


  1. Happy Canada Day! It must be hard to be away from home but I'm hoping you'll just end up celebrating everything!

    We celebrate both Jewish and Christian religious holidays... perhaps you'll celebrate both Canadian and American patriotic holidays! Just think- two turkeys!!!

    1. Thanks Taylor. :)

      I totally agree about celebrating both. I'm planning on baking my first from-scratch apple pie to commemorate the 4th of July... yum. And two turkeys? I'm drooling already. Love that I have an excuse to be a complete pig.


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