July 19, 2013

canadian quirk #2: milk in a bag

The first time I saw milk in a bag, I laughed. The idea that milk belongs in anything but a plastic jug with a handle, like it's sold throughout Florida, seemed comical to me. (Having also lived in New York, I've seen milk sold in paper cartons as well but never a plastic bag.)

Photo: Walmart Canada
This isn't a Canada-wide quirk but one that can be found throughout the Eastern part of the country (Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes). The idea behind the bag is that it's eco-friendly because it uses less plastic and therefore less space in a landfill than, say, a plastic jug. (Canada's huge recycling initiative is a wonderful quirk to be touched on at a later date.)

(Side note: In Canada, many people refer to milk by the amount of fat that's in it. For example, skim is called 0%, half & half is referred to as 10% and whipping cream is 30%. This is a perfectly logical way to label milk products but not one that I use. I continue to ask for half & half with my coffee and so far there have been no incidents.)

I hate to sound too stubborn about adopting certain Canadian quirks but this is one I'm firmly against. Something about milk sloshing around a bag reminds me of a big boob or an udder, which turns me off from wanting to pour it over my Cocoa Puffs. But for those I see happily carrying bags of milk out of Loblaw's, hey, more quirky power to them.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are that of an American expat living in Canada. Not every 'quirk' is relevant to every Canadian. These are merely observations and commentary based on my experiences living in 2 different countries. 

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