July 4, 2013

4th of July & a recipe: old-fashioned apple pie

Since this was my first Independence Day living outside of America, I felt a proper tribute was in order. Nothing too flashy, just a quiet, personal nod to the country I still call home.

Of course I opted to make my very first from-scratch apple pie since I'll basically find any excuse to consume pastry. And what's more American than apple pie?

I'm not sure where exactly that phrase comes from but there's something about it that comforts me. Which, I guess, makes sense because apple pie is comforting. It's really just apples, spices, butter, flour and sugar yet it elicits a strong feeling of home when we take a bite. It's Americana on a plate.

My simple, comforting apple pie.
After a bit of research I learned that apple pie is actually of English origin. (We not only fought a revolutionary war but stole their pie recipe in the process? Talk about insult to injury) Yet over time it has become a staple on the American holiday table as well as the McDonald's drive-thru menu.

At first I was daunted by the idea of baking a pie from scratch. There's an overwhelming amount of recipes on the internet, but I eventually chose Martha Stewart's Old-Fashioned Apple Pie. I must say, it came out just lovely. Almost as good as one from Publix. Almost.

So although I'm not there in body, I'm thinking of America today and just how much I love it. The longer I'm away from home, the more I realize how important it is to keep our heritage in our hearts and to always have pride in where we came from.

After all, there's nothing more American than that.

{Note: Both pieces of artwork featured are by Charles Wysocki. I grew up with his work hanging in our home and have fond memories of putting his puzzles together with my parents. His extensive collection of Americana art is available here.}


  1. Popping over from Etsy!
    Your pie looks amazing!!!
    I'm homesick, too. I lived in Michigan all my life until 2 1/2 years ago when we moved 1,200 miles south to the gulf coast of Mississippi, leaving behind friends, family, and wonderful 4th of July traditions. :(

    I'm going to follow your blog....
    Have a super 4th!!


    P.S. Come visit our blog!

    1. Hi Angela! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I totally understand how it feels to be surrounded by nothing familiar. I left a comment on your blog and am following you too. :)


  2. Home is where the heart is, and yours it seems is still as American as, well, apple pie! It looks delicious, btw. Nice first effort. :)

    1. OMG Jen, the pie is so good! We had a few slices for breakfast this morning with our coffee. Sooo decadent and sooo yummy. :-D

  3. Beautiful post. The pie looks wonderful and I love the art!

    Welcome to Canada and I hope you enjoy putting down roots here... Your original home will always hold a special place though. I really enjoyed your post!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


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