June 5, 2013

budgeting our bellies & a recipe: presto pesto

Bobby and I like to eat. Whether we're feeling blue after a bad day or celebrating a milestone, we both find comfort in food. We love cooking with butter, fresh produce and good cuts of meat, which cost double in Canada what they do in the U.S. We're no stranger to the occasional (okay, more than occasional) $1 box of Kraft Dinner, but overall we probably spend more money than we should on groceries.

After reviewing our food receipts for the first quarter of the year and subsequently picking our jaws up off the floor, we agreed that we need to budget our bellies.

Therefore soup & sandwiches were on the menu. I was determined to make them as luxurious as possible so I assembled heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and mozzarella cheese on a French baguette  (all of which were on sale at Loblaws) and grilled them in a pan.

I swear by this when making sandwiches - Mario Batali panini press from Crate&Barrel.

But the sandwiches were dry and I couldn't bear the thought of running downstairs to the hasty market to spend money on pesto sauce (that stuff be expensive!) so I decided to make my own using what was in the cupboard. We didn't have pine nuts or parmesan cheese so I used almonds and some extra salt as substitutes. It turned out really good; I really couldn't tell the difference! And best of all, I didn't spend any extra $$$ to make it. Success!


  1. It looks delicious, and I'm a big fan of going to the pantry to invent something new. Well done!

    1. Thanks Jen! Yes, I'm all about using what's already in the house. Makes you feel so much more productive than just buying something pre-made!


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