June 3, 2013


It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted, partially because I haven't felt motivated to write about anything in particular (I aimlessly began 4 or 5 posts last week only to leave them hanging mid-sentence). I've been feeling grey, much like the weather lately, and a little bit down to be honest.

The other reason I haven't written anything is because Bobby and I have been laying low, spending a lot of time at home, so there isn't anything terribly exciting to document. We've been spending more time cooking at home than dining out and lately it seems that we prefer strolling through our neighborhood to braving the downtown traffic to walk among crowded streets.

We've also been working on saving money for the future - a possible long weekend at a cottage in the woods, a boy's-only fishing trip for Bobby, unforeseen vet expenses for the little dog we recently adopted, and the usual monthly bills. So staying home to cook a pasta dinner together and watch Anthony Bourdain peruse Peru is beneficial on both a good-for-the-soul and an economical level.

Boring as all this saving and laying low may sound to some, I've enjoyed it. Each recipe we try makes us better cooks, and we get to use our fancy Martha Stewart pots & pans and new cast iron skillet so it's extra fun. And, truth be told, I rather like lazing on the couch under our Hudson Bay fleece, watching Judge Judy lay the smackdown on some deadbeat dad. Or reading a Lionel Shriver novel in bed while the dog sleeps on Bobby's pillow beside me. These are the memories that make a rental apartment feel like a home.

Perhaps when we have more exciting adventures outside of our little loft I'll be able to post more provocative photos, but for now all I have to share is a handful of snaps from inside our home.

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