June 16, 2013

local love: heirlooms artisan show @ vermeer's garden centre

Well, the big weekend has come and gone and it seems that Canada loves candles! Our craft show ended up being much more successful than I expected. I'm sure it's the pessimist in me saying this but sometimes it's good to keep expectations low so you're pleasantly surprised when things turn out well!

An antique toy register, aka our business card holder.

The venue was lovely. The event was held at Vermeer's Garden Centre in Welland, Ontario so there were trees and flowers all around. Some vendors even set up shop in the middle of a greenhouse. Children played near a fountain; stray cats sauntered in and out of tents; it was a unique atmosphere, made even better by the live ukulele music coming from the tent beside me.

The first day of the show was very busy for us. I attribute a lot of that to Bobby's natural talents as a salesman and the fact that a lot of our customers were, shall we say, seasoned ladies who couldn't resist his charms.

Our sample tins. A new idea we came up with that was a hit!

I brought some vintage goodies from home to fill in the gaps left from the first day, and quite a few people seemed more interested in them than the candles - I even got an offer for one of my books, but, alas, it was a title I couldn't part with.

We wouldn't be "Hound Dog Digs" without a few doggies in our display.

The second day was quieter than the first, but in the end we sold 65% of our total stock, which makes this our most successful show to date! The money we made will go a long way toward food bills and student loans. :)

I met so many amazing people, both customers and fellow vendors. I melted when a sweet lady from D.C. paid me in American cash - I haven't seen American money in 6 months, it almost brought tears to my eyes! Funny the mundane things that you miss when you're away from home.

I quickly made friends with the couple running the booth beside me, and so we found a lot to talk and laugh about over our 2 days together. I bought a cool t-shirt from them and some delicious loose leaf chai tea from Infusion Organic Tea (I'm drinking a cup as I type... mmm... ).

Wearable art.
Here are before & after shots of our booth. The first one was taken before anything sold the first day, and the latter photo was taken just after the last customer left.



Thank you to all who came to this event and supported us! We're now even more excited to take part in our next Ontario craft show!


  1. Woot! Woot! Congratulations! So glad it went well, and you're looking forward to your next show. Well done!

    1. Thanks Jen! It was a great experience. :)


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