June 28, 2013

thursday night, date night

After six years together, date night for Bobby and me is less about getting dressed up and more about comfort. It's a night that I don't have to cook and we can have dinner sitting across from each other with no television and no dog. We can just sit back, have our food brought to us, and shoot the shit. It's something we have been making an effort to do once every couple of weeks because it's good to press pause on the day-to-day routine for even just a couple of hours on a Thursday evening.

Last night we went to East Side Mario's for dinner. It's a casual Italian restaurant in the same vein as Olive Garden. We both loved the food. Unlimited garlic loaves = true love.

After dinner we drove to Walmart for what was supposed to be a quick dog food run but turned into a lengthy stroll through the store for shower gel, M&M cookies, gum, a hooded sweatshirt for the dog, and other various items we didn't realize we couldn't live without. The superstore sucked us in.

It was a nice, quiet evening with my hunny. No frills, just the two of us taking a break and enjoying each others' company. 

I'm looking forward to our next date night. :)


  1. Ribfest.... This Sunday.. Yum Yum sticky fingers

  2. I loved reading this! Once, Corey and I drove to Buffalo just to have lunch and Olive Garden... we stopped in Niagara on the way back for some wine. One of my favourite dates to this day. Also, I dream about Soup, Salad and Breadsticks from OG!

    1. Bobby and I were talking about Olive Garden at dinner last night! They have this 'Endless Pasta' promotion a couple times a year where you can order as many bowls of whatever pasta you want ALL NIGHT. It's the best thing ever. We were reminiscing...

      That's awesome that you guys did that. That warms my heart. Much respect.

    2. Haha! Endless past sounds amazing... although those breadsticks... words cannot describe how much I love them!

  3. Endless pasta sounds good, but slowing down to reconnect sounds even better. :)


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