June 27, 2013

wildflower walk

One of the things I've come to appreciate about Canada is its Great Outdoors. Of course the U.S. has its share of amber waves of grain (and let's not forget the fruited plains) but I was deprived of them in Florida. Orange groves and palm trees graced the landscape of Orlando, and although that may sound heavenly to some, the tropical vibe wasn't my cup of tea.

I want the hills that Julie Andrews twirled across in The Sound of Music (they were alive after all); the wide open spaces The Dixie Chicks sang about; somewhere that the corn is as high as an elephant's eye (don't tell me I'm the only Oklahoma! fan here).

Living in downtown Mississauga may not afford me the rolling vistas of my dreams but a simple walk to the post office still gives me plenty to smile about. I passed by a field of wildflowers yesterday and it was so pretty that I literally stopped to smell the flowers. There was a nice breeze that sent a perfume through the air and the maple trees that line the street cast glittery shadows on the sidewalk.

These are simple things that probably go unnoticed by a lot of lifelong residents, but for this Floridian transplant they were simply magical.


  1. We also shared a really nice drive through some small rolling hills the other day on our way up to Carlisle. For some reason our car GPS decided to treat us and take a completely new route so that we could enjoy a nice drive in the country, just you me and Maple. That was a great morning.

    1. Yes, that was a rare weekday morning that we that got to share and it was perfect. I really enjoyed the views and the company. Both you and Maple were very well behaved ;-)

  2. How lovely! Seeing Ontario through your eyes makes me feel lucky to be one of the "lifelong residents" you mentioned. xo


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