May 20, 2013

local love: aberfoyle antique market

We spent some time during each of the past 2 weekends at the Aberfoyle Antique Market searching for goodies for my vintage shop. The market was closed during the winter and reopened in early May, so you can bet as soon as it did we were ready.

That's Bubba.

There's a slow, summery atmosphere with 20 acres of open air cabins, stalls and barns chock full of junk & goodies (interchangeable terms in my world) to pick through. You could spend the entire day there and not have seen half of it.

There's a short-order restaurant inside of an old barn, various hot dog & ice cream stands, and a large grassy area to lunch on with plenty of doggy friends. 

The amount of stuff you can find here is endless. Some people specialize in kitchen goods or toys, while others have a hodge podge of antiques for you to sift through.

It costs a few bucks per person to get in (unlike our favorite antiques market in Florida  -- Renninger's forever!) but it's well worth it if you love antiquing as much as we do. It's definitely my favorite weekend hangout spot in Ontario.

1 comment:

  1. That looks like so much fun! I wish there was something like that around where I live. Every once in a while there's a flea market, but most of what's sold, is very crappy.


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