May 1, 2013

spring story: port credit

It's official: winter is gone with the wind which had swept through Ontario.

The seasons have finally clicked. The long winter is behind us and pops of color are finally emerging. Bobby and I spent an entire day outdoors, walking along the river beneath the deliciously yellow trees in Port Credit, a village within Mississauga located along the shores of the Credit River.

We celebrated as any two Florida transplants would - by peeling off our pea coats, slipping into sandals and sharing a plate of fish & chips along the waterside. A big part of our decision to move back up north was this - the changing of the seasons. We wanted to witness a city come to life after being cloaked in shades of grey for so many months. So, it's an especially great time to be living up north.

Beyond the weather, we enjoyed meandering along the waterfront, feeding the geese and popping in and out of little shops. Port Credit is a wonderful afternoon trip since it takes just a few hours to wander up and down Lake Shore Boulevard, have a meal along the water, and enjoy the fresh air.



  1. I would love to wear sandals again! Looks like a good walk. I love the bright red and blue in the second picture.

  2. wow, it's beautiful! it's definitely why we all endure winter in the northern hemisphere: the anticipation of the other awesome seasons still to come.

  3. I blinked and missed spring here....

    1. Ditto; it seems to have jumped from spring to summer over the course of this week!


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