April 23, 2013

home alone & a recipe: sour cream banana bread

Bobby is fortunate to have a job that allows him to travel in style on a regular basis. Over the last five years he's been to New York, Chicago, D.C., Vegas, and Miami more times than I could possibly count.

I'm always sad to see him go but we're believers that healthy doses of time apart make our relationship stronger. Which is why I always make sure to savor the few days each month that I rule the roost.

Today I baked banana bread for lunch and ate hot chocolate ganache straight from the saucepan with my finger (ouch).

I organized old photographs and had a Dave Matthews Band dance party in the bedroom. Later I'll watch Dancing With the Stars and paint my toenails in bed. Low-key, that's how I like to spend my "me-time."

Bobby will call after dinner and we'll share the details of the day and discuss what happened in the news. When I hang up and realize I'm going to sleep alone, I'll miss him immensely... But then I'll think of the banana bread & ganache sauce waiting for me downstairs and I'll get over it. ;)

(And I'm sure Bobby is somewhere in D.C. right now watching the History Channel in the dark, thanking God that I'm not there to snap a lamp on and remind him of how I'm slowly going blind.)

For my fellow bakers out there, here's the decadent banana bread I made this morning. Share it with your family or save it for those special days when you're home alone. ;)


  1. sounds yummy! will have to try this one, I love to bake

  2. sounds wonderful, all of it!

  3. Sounds like a fab day! Lucky : ) I'll be trying that recipe for sure!


  4. Yummmm! Love your story as well my friend. He will be home in no time :)

  5. This sounds delicious! I usually make my banana bread with fresh zucchini from the garden, shredded. It's a nice substitute, so I'll have to give this a go!

  6. This looks so yummy!!! I know I will be trying it. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  7. I'm printed this recipe off to save for a rainy day :)
    Looks delicious, thanks Jaime!

  8. I am at the Airport in DC and on my way home to you baby. Any chance that there's a piece of that banana nut bread left we can share in a poorly lit room.

    1. There's half a loaf with your name on it, hunny.


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