March 4, 2013

to swedish, or not to swedish, that is the question

Bobby and I are renting a loft space in the downtown part of the city. The apartment had a decidedly modern vibe before we moved any of our things in:  floor-to-ceiling windows, a galley kitchen, and a winding staircase that leads to the bedroom loft that hangs over the living space below. We're trying to balance the modernity with rustic, farmhouse-style decor for an 'urban cabin' kind of look. So far that's been a challenge, as most of the rustic/vintage pieces we've looked at are out of our price range or are just too big to fit into such a small space.

Making matters worse, my vision for my writing desk has been really specific, as I've had nothing but disappointing desks in the past {read: $25 IKEA child's desk with a plastic chair}. I want it to be solid wood with chippy paint, a large, expansive top and thin, spindle-y legs. One thin drawer in the center, maybe some feminine carvings down the legs. Antique brass hardware. Moral of the story: this desk ain't happening overnight. The stars will have to align and the furniture gods will have to bless me to come across such a treasure. It'll happen, just not today.

So this morning I bit the bullet and schlepped myself to that Swedish warehouse in the sky. I have nothing against IKEA {75% of our furniture and 100% of our Allen wrenches were procured there}. I just always have a disconcerting feeling that 85 different people are purchasing the exact same thing as me. Nevertheless I found a happy compromise today - a desk that's a little bit modern and a little bit cozy, with a metal leg supporting one side and a bookcase supporting the other. And it was less than $100. And it came with 2 Allen wrenches. Winning.

After many hours {and too many episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives}, I successfully assembled the desk {and worked up an appetite}. It's not my dream but {here comes the motif} it's my reality right now. And it's not too shabby!

So far everything is white. Next project: add some color!

Our happy little courtyard view. Can't wait to see what it looks like in the spring.

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  1. As for the colour? Use some of your photography, get it printed on canvas. I'm sure your collection is as extensive, as mine.


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