March 3, 2013

the january pilgrim

I landed in Canada a little over a month ago and this is my first time sitting down to write. You'd think that moving to another country would be pure gold for an aspiring writer - hitting the journalistic jackpot so to speak. But reality is certain to be different than fantasy.

I envisioned writing a post each day full of interesting photos of an exciting, enigmatic country, perched at an antique desk once belonging to a Russian seamstress, a charming treasure happened upon in a northern Ontario barn while on a treasure-hunting/home-decorating expedition. With a mug of Chai tea simmering on a carefully-placed coaster, I'd watch the snow peacefully fall outside my floor-to-ceiling windows while writing these witty & earnest blogs.

The inevitably altered reality is that I'm typing this with frozen fingers, the smell of homemade curry lingering from our neighbors' apartment as I listen to a pack of children scream in a foreign tongue from the elevator bank down the hall. There are still boxes left to be unpacked. My imaginary dream desk is nowhere to be found - my flannel-covered lap has been my desk for the past 45 days.

Flannel pajama pants have become my #1 tool for  winter survival.

I didn't know what to expect beyond the stereotypes - that Canadians are a bunch of overly polite, hockey-obsessed, beer-guzzling lumberjacks.

There have been a few people I've come across who fit the stereotype, but for the most part I'm surprised by how different Canada is than what I imagined. There's some good, some bad, and some downright mind-boggling stuff that I've come across, and I'm eager to record it and create a diary of my journey living in another country.

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  1. Writer's Block... uhg! Great blog, can't wait to read more of your adventures!

    Stopped over from the Etsy Teams to read and follow you. Keep trying! The words will come.

    Cory of


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