February 6, 2013

diy ideas: vintage organization

Now that the countdown to my big move to Canada is officially on (six months to go), I have organization on the brain. I recently cleaned out our junk drawer in my first attempt to purge some things that I don't want to pack. 

It's a sad place, the junk drawer. We all have one. It's the place where stray paper clips get tossed and countless pens dry out over the years. That spare key you lost six months ago is probably in there, along with the needle and thread you needed last week to repair your favorite shirt. 

It's a doohickey graveyard of sorts, the place where your important miniatures get hidden because they don't have a true home.

I'm thinking that once the move is completed and I'm settled into my new home I'll need a new organization system. So I've been looking up budget-friendly ideas to stay decluttered and here's the best I found:

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