November 29, 2012

baking therapy & a recipe: salted raisin oatmeal cookies

In a world of schedules, lists, errands to run and phone calls to make, baking from scratch isn't exactly on the top of most of our lists. This is especially true during the holidays when we're consumed with decorating the house/fighting our way through holiday traffic/shopping for gifts/making room on the credit card to pay for said gifts. 

But bake from scratch I must if I hope to keep my sanity during the season. I find spending an afternoon shopping for spices & fine tuning old recipes to be therapeutic. I can't control much in this chaotic world, but I can add as much nutmeg as I want to my breakfast bread, damnit.

Pile onto a vintage-style plate & enjoy.

After my mom bought a stale-tasting & disappointing box of Archway's oatmeal cookies I decided to bake a batch of holiday cookies that she could appreciate. I took Ina Garten's recipe for Raisin Pecan Oatmeal Cookies & tweaked it a bit to make a heartier cookie with more depth of flavor. I pulled inspiration from all of the salt caramel-flavored coffees & cocoas I've seen in cafes this past year and salted the raisins. I also added walnuts to mix it up a bit. The cookies came out soft, plump and delicious just like oatmeal raisin cookies should be. 

Archway's got nothing on these cookies.


  1. Wonderful recipe!

    Come bay tomorrow and link up with "30 Days of Christmas Fun!" and hopefully you'll get some more views!

  2. my favorite kind of cookie! I like the addition of both pecans and walnuts, and cinnamon, too! yum!

    (Here from Linda's blog.)

  3. Posted on the blog! These look delicious! My husband loves a good oatmeal cookie! I will definitely be making these! Thank you for allowing me to post it!


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